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Diseases of the spine cause the following leading symptoms. 
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Symptoms Preliminary remarks

Local pain

These very often occur in the lower back and rarely in the neck. Basically, these complaints are harmless and usually caused by wear and tear of the intervertebral disc and small vertebral joints. If they cannot be influenced by painkillers (anti-inflammatory drugs) or if they last for a longer period of time (more than 2 weeks), a family doctor or specialist should be consulted.

Extremity pain

These are either muscular due to the local pain or due to a pinching of the nerve in the spinal canal. Again, if the pain cannot be controlled by painkillers (anti-inflammatory drugs) or if it lasts for a long time (more than 2 weeks), a doctor should be consulted.

Neurological symptoms

These are caused by entrapment of the nerve root or spinal cord in the spinal canal. Sensory disturbance of the skin or tingling are bothersome, but relatively harmless compared to loss of control of muscle functions (e.g., lifting the foot). In case of loss of control of muscle function, or of the bladder or rectum, a doctor must be consulted immediately.


Diagnostic anesthesia of the nerves and/or the vertebral joints under X-ray imaging makes it possible to precisely localize the pain, to determine the type of pain and thus also to locate its cause. This interventional pain diagnosis points the therapy direction and the individual treatment form is determined by the specialist in accordance with the imaging procedures (X-ray, CT or MRI).

The needle for injecting local anesthesia is placed precisely in the vertebral joint space under X-ray television control. In case of subsequent absence of pain during the period of action of the anesthetic, the origin of the pain is proven. In this positive case, therapeutic cortisone can be injected using the same technique.

With a catheter inserted into the spinal canal with the tip at the herniated disc and nerve, a local anesthetic and cortisone are applied to eliminate pain. This examination can be performed on both the cervical spine and the lumbar spine. In this examination, too, the origin of the pain is proven when the pain is eliminated. The cortisone then possibly leads to a lasting freedom from symptoms (in 30%).

X-ray clarification

The nature and duration of the symptoms determine the further procedure. The examination findings are also central at first. The modern X-ray diagnostic measures available today, together with the clinical findings, then allow a diagnosis to be made in most cases. We recommend the following procedure:

  • Consultation by the general practitioner or directly with a specialist if symptoms persist for more than 1-2 weeks (of course earlier in the case of unbearable pain or paralysis).
  • Normal X-ray examination
  • In case of severe symptoms or pain persisting for more than 6 weeks without improvement tendency, prescription of an MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) examination. This tube examination shows the spine in excellent images and thus in most cases the problem.
  • Other special examinations are then prescribed by the specialist if necessary

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