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People with pain originating in the spine are often left to their own devices. The information available on their condition is extensive and many treatment options are offered, but their effectiveness is not always sufficiently proven. Often, even proven specialists have different opinions on the same problem. And it is not uncommon for the proposed surgical technique for an operation to vary from surgeon to surgeon. This alone leads to considerable uncertainty on the part of those affected. 

In addition, they are supplied from all sides with well-intentioned but unfiltered information about their disease and are ultimately unable to classify it correctly. The understandable consequence is anxiety and the risk of making the wrong decision. Such a decision often marks the beginning of the classic spiral of unhappiness with chronic disabling pain and the corresponding social consequences for those affected and their relatives.

Our mission: Independent second opinion

Thanks to Spinasana, patients should be saved from wrong and especially useless surgery on the back. There is a massive oversupply of surgically oriented spine centers, where too much and also often too fierce surgery with screws and long rods is performed. In this context, the 2016 announcement of the German Barmer health insurance company is very impressive that about half of the back patients who requested a second opinion refrained from spine surgery.
In contrast to other disciplines such as cardiac surgery, orthopedics, etc., no clearly defined indication criteria and certainly no uniform surgical techniques are applied in spinal surgery to date. Switzerland is far from having a treatment registry that would present the results beyond doubt. The second opinion can be obtained either directly from the Spinasana doctor in the practice or online on the Spinasana platform.

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With the Covid pandemic, online literacy has increased significantly, even among older people. The home office trend has also shown what is possible online. In the wake of this development, telemedicine has made significant progress and, in particular, for a quick answer to the question of whether an operation makes sense or not, the personal meeting in the "digital space" is a valuable addition. The online consultation allows very quick answers and saves long distances, especially important for the elderly and the aged. These are the reasons why Spinasana includes the online consultation in its offer.


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The spine surgery specialist has access to the documents as soon as they are received in a data-secure cloud that meets EU criteria, which makes it possible to prepare the second opinion extraordinarily quickly. Based on the documents, the expert first assesses the urgency. In any case, you will receive the second opinion within 5 working days, with express option in 2 days. In complex case situations, the opinion of an international expert is also sought.

Receive your answer

Within 5 working days you will receive the second opinion via e-mail, in case of ordered emergency express second opinion you will receive it already within 2 working days. At the same time, you will receive a summary voice memo with more in-depth explanations. At the same time as the second opinion, you will receive an appointment for a 15-minute debriefing via Zoom, Skype or FaceTime. In this way, any ambiguities can be clarified.

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Dr. med. Christian R. Etter

Orthopedic Surgery FMH spez. spine surgery

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Dr. med. Thomas M. Stoll

FMH Orthopedic Surgery / Spine Surgery

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Dr. med. Richard D. Guyer

FMH Orthopedic Surgery / Spine Surgery

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Dr. med. Svante Berg

International Expert
Spine Center Stockholm, Sweden

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Swiss Spine Institute SSI

  • The SSI is an independent foundation established in 1999 in Basel by 14 spine specialists.
  • The aim of this foundation is to promote quality in spine medicine through continuous education (workshops, congresses), quality assurance through documentation and development of new surgical techniques and implants.
  • To date, the SSI has organized 12 major international congresses with highly qualified spine specialists from all over the world.
  • During several congresses of the Swiss Spine Institute, 29 surgeries were transmitted live via satellite between Switzerland and the USA.
  • The SSI has also supported three significant studies for the development of new technologies in spine medicine

Patient testimonials


Reto Zehnder

Intervertebral disc surgery October 2017

The operation is now almost six months ago and I have spent - as planned - my first "post-operation" surf vacation.
Of course, initially accompanied one hellish respect on the water. But with time it got better. And since pictures say more than words, I'll take the liberty of sending you a shot of me. In short: it holds! :-)
And as the only doctor who did not put me off in the sense of "live with it", I thank you from the bottom of my heart for advising me to have this operation. I feel much better today and much more flexible than I did during the last painful years.
Of course, I am always aware of the operation and take care of myself. After all, health is the most important thing.